Study Skills

Learning how to study is learning how to learn. Developing good study skills is an investment in yourself, and you will find that as you develop your study skills, you will study smarter, not harder.

Multi-Subjects Aids:

Khan Academy (see specifics below)

Free Rice
This is a cool resource where you can provide rice to people in need simply by answering problems correctly. Improve your math, grammar, language, science, and SAT skills while feeding the hungry!


Khan Academy - Math
Khan Academy is an excellent FREE resource for all subjects, and especially math. You can review your basics and learn all the way through college level math! You can review by grade level or by subject, and you can also review for the math section of the SAT.


Khan Academy - Grammar
Khan Academy is an excellent FREE resource for all subjects. This link will take you to their English Grammar section. You can also use Khan Academy to brush up your Critical Reading skills for the SAT.

Cliffs Notes 
The famed Cliffs Notes study guides to literary classics can be read on the website for free.


Khan Academy - Science
The Science sections on Khan Academy can help you with any subject you study in high school and even carry you into college-level science classes!

Biology 4 Kids
Learn about cell structure, cell function, plants, animal systems and more!

Chemistry 4 Kids
Learn about matter, atoms, periodic table, elements, reactions and more!

Physics 4 Kids
Learn about motion, light, heat and thermodynamics and more!

Geography 4 Kids
Learn about earth energy, earth structure, biosphere, atmosphere, climates and more.

Amazing Space
Includes on-line explorations & homework help.

Franklin Institute of Science
A one stop space science hot list of websites

Learning resources, information and homework help for students K-12.

The Nine Planets
Learn about the Solar System and take a multimedia tour.

Social Studies/History:

Atlapedia Online
The site has great maps and detailed information about every country.

US Government / Library of Congress
Resources for kids and families to log on, play around, and learn something!

Khan Academy - US History

Khan Academy - World History

Computer Programming:

Khan Academy - Computing
Interested in learning to code, design websites, or create database? This is a great resource for you! Think about participating in Khan's "Hour of Code" where you can learn tons of information in an easy way in just an hour! Many of the activities are for everyone ages 8+.


National Gallery of Art
Go to NGAkids to find adventures with art-activities & projects. Interactive art you can make on-line.

Khan Academy - Art History
Intersted in Art History by country, historical event, or just a brief overview? It's all here!

Khan Academy - Music
Learn about anything from reading music to the symphonies of Beethoven.