Talent Search Advisors are present in all of the schools we serve, and periodically check in on students to identify needs and provide services and support.

Students can also request appointments by reaching out to their advisor via email, or asking for more information from the school site contacts listed below.

Abby Grattidge

Abigail Grattidge stands in front of a green bush and smiles for her picture. She is wearing a green and tan button up collared shirt with blonde hair tied up.


Eureka High School

Agustin Valdez - Interim Fort Bragg ETS Advisor - Position Vacant

Agustin is wearing a teal jacket and smiling in front of bushes.


Fort Bragg High School 

Noyo High School

Fort Bragg Middle School


Cici McGehee

Cici is smiling at her Cal Poly Humboldt graduation.


McKinleyville High School

Mad River High School

Arcata High School

Six Rivers Charter School

Pacific Coast High School

Claudia Velasco Morales

Claudia is sitting on stairs smiling in her graduation cap and gown.


Fortuna Union High School

Academy of the Redwoods

East High School

Fortuna Middle School

Monument Middle School

Dr. Michelle Cartier

Michelle Cartier


South Fork High School
Miranda Junior High School
Osprey Learning Center


Sloan McKelvy

Sloan is posing in front of a green tree.


Hoopa Valley High School

Hoopa Valley Elementary School

Captain John High School

Walter Campos

Walter is outside wearing a blue striped shirt.


Del Norte High School

Sunset High School

Castle Rock Carter School

Crescent Elk Middle School

Zach Funk

Zachary Funk stands in front of a green bush and smiles for his photo. He has black hair, a black mustache and beard. He is wearing a black jacket with a dark blue shirt underneath


Zoe Barnum High School

Alder Grove Charter School

Northern United Charter School