Career Exploration

The best thing you can do as a middle and high school student to prepare for a career is to take school seriously. Do your homework, pay attention in class, and study for tests. If you need academic support, let our office or your TRiO Advisor know--we can find you the help you need.

Some of you already know what you'd like to do after high school: be a welder or a doctor, a teacher or an accountant. Others have no idea--and that's okay! We are here to help you find something you LOVE, something you're GOOD AT, and something the WORLD NEEDS. If you do these three things, you will flourish in your career!

Use the resources below to take career and personality assessments, learn about various fields, and explore career opportunities that could be the right fit for you.

California Career Zone

An extensive and user-friendly platform to learn all about different industry sectors, and details about all kinds of jobs, including education needed, rate of pay, and type of work. We recommend taking the Interest Profiler, a quiz that helps determine what career might be right for you. 

IM Diversity Career Center

Where careers, opportunities, and diversity connect.This one-stop career and self-development site/job board aims to serve the cultural and career-related needs of underrepresented minority groups. 

The College Board - Big Future

Find colleges, learn how to pay for your education, and explore careers in relation to college majors. 

Claim Your Future

This is an interactive game that allows you to plan out life after high school, and choose a career, living situation, etc. and explore all of your options. 

Learn More

Visit our online resource Shape Your Future for a more comprehensive look at Career Exploration.