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Jessica Mulcare

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Subjects: Math, Science

Grade Levels: 6th-12th

I'm a student too! Majoring in Physics with an Astronomy Concentration and Minoring in Mathematics at Cal Poly Humboldt 

Kevin Chung

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Subjects: Math (up to Calculus III), Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English, Philosophy, German

Grade Levels: 6th-12th

When I'm not tutoring, you will find me studying because I'm a student too! 

Leila Amrani

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Contact: lia8@humboldt.edu, (707) 502-2638

Subjects: Math, Science

Grade Levels: 6th-12th

I'm a student too! Majoring in Cellular/Molecular Biology at Cal Poly Humboldt

When I'm not tutoring, find me Crocheting, Baking, Playing Video Games, Reading

Walter Campos

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ContactWalter.Campos3@humboldt.edu(707) 457-7118

SubjectsMath (up to Algebra), Science, English, History, Social Studies, Spanish

Grade Levels: 6th-12th

When I'm not tutoring, find me Grounding, Gardening, Cooking, Volunteering, Camping, Hiking, Reading, Researching or Teaching my daughters.

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