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Janelle Sweet

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Contact: Janelle.Sweet@humboldt.edu, (707) 457-7987

Subjects: English, History, Social Studies

Grade Levels6th-8th

I'm a student too! Studying Early Childhood Education at College of the Redwoods

When I'm not tutoring, find me Hiking, Painting, Crafting, Beach Combing, Reading, Gardening, Antiquing

Kevin Chung

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Subjects: Math (up to Calculus III), Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English, Philosophy, German

Grade Levels: 6th-12th

When I'm not tutoring, you will find me studying because I'm a student too! 

Naishian Richards

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Contactnrr26@humboldt.edu, (707) 298-4053

Subjects: Math(algebra), Social Studies, Hupa language

Grade Levels: 6th-12th

I'm a student too! I am a fresh graduate from College of the Redwoods, and now I'm planning to attend Humboldt’s social work program. 

When I'm not tutoring, most of my free time is spent on my art, which is a mix of mediums but mainly acrylic paints. Along with some jewelry making, necklace making, lots of bead work, and a new skill of carving.

Walter Campos

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ContactWalter.Campos3@humboldt.edu(707) 457-7118

SubjectsMath (up to Algebra), Science, English, History, Social Studies, Spanish

Grade Levels: 6th-12th

When I'm not tutoring, find me Grounding, Gardening, Cooking, Volunteering, Camping, Hiking, Reading, Researching or Teaching my daughters.

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